What is YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is an entire permissionless DeFi ecosystem that combines Staking & Farming services and soon, Lending/Borrowing services, SafePredict, and Insurance together with their own DEX called SafeSwap and their own LaunchPad where legitimate projects in the DeFi space can launch their new vetted projects with contract audits, locked liquidity and locked dev tokens in time release smart contracts. Whereas other DeFi protocols rely upon minting new tokens to sustain their staking and farming rewards, YFDAI has allocated tokens for these products which will be replenished with fees generated by the ecosystem. YFDAI also has a deflationary burn mechanism built into the platform that will ultimately reduce the total supply to just 13,950 tokens. YFDAI’s mission is to clean up the DeFi space by de-risking the purchase of new projects by performing due diligence vetting and requiring adherence to the same protocols that YFDAI itself adhered to on their launch. YFDAI’s motto is ‘no more exit scams or rug pulls.’



The YFDAI Finance protocol allows users to stake YF-DAI via the dedicated Staking Dapp. With just a 72hr initial lock period users maintain control over their tokens. The YF-DAI Staking Dapp can be found at: https://stake.yfdai.finance/


Farming will allow participants to earn returns by providing liquidity in a variety of pools. Our first 6 farming pools went live on 10/25/20.


Our flagship, SafeSwap exchange will list and support projects that have met our strict criteria including locked tokens and fully audited contracts.


A community made of borrowers that have instant access to a variety of loans while providing a collateral liquidity.


A community made of depositors and borrowers, depositors earn a passive income by providing liquidity while borrowers have instant access to a variety of loans.


The YFDAI Launchpad ecosystem will promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform.


YFDAI Finance will offer clients extra peace of mind with our optional insurance program. YFDAI will be offering insurance underwritten by a major carrier to help mitigate risk.


Total Supply: 21,000 YFDAI

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Circulating Supply

7770 tokens fully distributed

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Staking and DAO

7350 tokens locked for 12 months

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Team & Advisors

2520 tokens locked via smart contract
released at 210 tokens per month

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2100 tokens

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1050 tokens locked for 6 months
released at 175 tokens per month

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210 tokens used for
new incentives/emergencies

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YfDAI Roadmap


Team & Advisor

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Pritha Paul (Olivia)

Chief Strategic - Volunteer

Olivia is both a software engineer and a Businesswoman. Having been an avid fan of blockchain and trader of cryptocurrencies, Olivia felt the need to contribute her expertise to the cryptocurrency space. This desire prompted her to create YFDAI, one of DeFi’s most secure and trusted protocols. Seeing the cryptocurrency space as a professional programmer, Olivia knows the importance of making a clean and secure DeFi protocol.

With the rate of fraudulent projects ascending contemporaneously with the rise of DeFi, Olivia knew it was crucial to have a trusted and well-secured protocol that can guide as an example for other projects to follow. Along with this idea, Olivia felt that for DeFi to reach its highest potential, there needed to be an ecosystem that protects investors and supports DeFi projects looking to bring real value to the space. With this in mind, Olivia came up with YFDAI’s signature SafeSwap and LaunchPad platforms.

Olivia has a number of qualifications and holds a bachelor's in Computer Applications. Some of her advanced programming languages include: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Oracle.

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Tapas Paul (Rocky)

Lead Dev - Volunteer

Doubling as a software developer and website designer, Rocky carries ample experience in web development and design. Having been familiar with cryptocurrencies for years, his initial descent into the space came in the golden year of 2017. Since then, Rocky has been engaged in crypto and felt the need to create a truly honest and secure DeFi platform together with Olivia. Rocky’s vast expertise in web development and blockchain gives YFDAI an edge in becoming one of the top DeFi protocols in the space.

Rocky has a diverse range of tech experience that range from creating web applications and front-end designs for various startups to working as a senior blockchain developer for distributed solidity systems for complicated DAPPs. Since then, Rocky has provided Ethereum and TRON consulting to multiple blockchain startups entering the space.

Some of Tapas expertise and advanced programming languages include- Solidity, Web3 TronWeb, JavaScript, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS Node.JS React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Distributed Ledger Technology , Ethereum and TRON DAPPs, Authentication systems, Real Time Web Apps.

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Ankit Runthala (Thore)

Chief Business Development - Volunteer

Thore carries a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with fundamental engineering and dynamics experience. He has extensive background experience in both engineering and blockchain development. With the ever-increasing level of innovation that is occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Thore felt the need to contribute his own knowledge and expertise to the field. Thore’s extensive experience in the field is projected into the YFDAI project with the end-user in mind. Being proficient in both blockchain literacy and technical analyses, Thore understands the cryptocurrency space from both a developer and investor perspective.

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Philip Dow

Head Advisor - Volunteer

Phil operates as a strategic executive with a high-level background in project management, business development, and marketing. Phil first brought his expertise to the cryptocurrency field in 2016. Phil carries a wealth of knowledge as his years in crypto garnered him key connections with a variety of different cryptocurrency partners ranging from, developers, project CEOs, and marketing.

For the past 4 years Phil has brought coverage to a multitude of different blockchain companies, each offering unique expertise and applications in a wide variety of fields.

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Daniel Stone

COO - Volunteer

Daniel has more than 30 years of experience in the traditional financial services industry as an international banker and as a consultant specialising in Treasury Management, Financial Risk, Capital Markets, Derivatives, and Complex Investment Products across the asset classes. Daniel’s early career involved being a financial markets dealer in interest rate and currency derivatives. He’s held high executive positions with banks in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, and Singapore, including Barclays London and Standard Chartered Singapore.

As a consultant, based in Europe and then in Asia, he has provided knowledge-based services to various banks’ management, e-commerce initiatives, and IT projects. Recipients of his consulting services have included JP Morgan, WestLB, Bank Indonesia, Citibank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Société General, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, RBS, MUFG, and various others. He has over the past decade also been an adjunct professor at two Singaporean universities, lecturing on a variety of topics in banking and financial markets.

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Security Consultant - Volunteer

Wesley specializes in Infrastructure and security management with a background in economics. Having been involved in the cryptocurrency scene for over three years, Wesley has had ample exposure to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Since 2017, Wesley has worked as an agent for BTC Direct and in Binance community management.

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Graphic Designer - Volunteer

Despite his previous work experience as a computer programmer, Cristian found his niche excelling in graphic design and maximizing brand identity. After winning over 400 graphic design competitions, Cristian now works as a dedicated graphic designer. Living by the mantra of “every profession is an act of service”, Cristian’s passion is manifested through his works in design, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.

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Content Writer - Volunteer

Cris first began his cryptocurrency journey in the summer of 2017. Since then, he has been obsessed with everything cryptocurrency and blockchain related. After being featured on a series of cryptocurrency publications on Medium, Cris found his way into writing and managing a variety of cryptocurrency startups. Cris now continues pursuing his passion in cryptocurrency while balancing life as a university student.

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Marketing Advisor -Volunteer

Ben is a passionate YouTuber, Podcaster, Crypto enthusiast and creator of BitBoyCrypto.com. Better known as BitBoy Crypto, he works hard to educate and inform the Crypto Community. Ben has joined YFDAI to support us long term in making positive changes to the DeFi space.


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Together YFDAI and Dextools will craft the safest route into the DeFi space for both newcomers and veterans alike.

YFDA - The Ferrum Network

LaunchPad Technical services

Using the Ferrum Network YFDAI users can stake in one token and receive staking rewards in another token. This ability is mirrored in YFDAI’s SafeSwap exchange allowing listed projects to offer staking of their liquidity pool tokens for their own native tokens. As a part of the partnership, projects that list on YFDAI’s Safe Swap will have fast-track access to Ferrum Network’s revolutionary Liquidity Staking technology. For instance, SafeSwap listed projects will be able to offer staking of their liquidity pool tokens — including the YFDAI LP tokens — and offer rewards in their native tokens, thereby incentivizing and strengthening the YFDAI liquidity pools. Ferrum and YFDAI can offer cross-token staking regimes, where users can stake one project’s tokens and earn rewards in others native tokens.

Together, YFDAI and the Ferrum Network will allow for an exclusive DeFi experience as it merges the compatibilities of YFDAIs DeFi options and SafeSwap exchange with Ferrum Network’s cross-chain capabilities. YFDAI and Ferrum are poised to unlock new possibilities in the DeFi space.

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YFDAI - Crypto Investor’s Protection Alliance C.I.P.A

YDAI Approved Members

SafeSwap acknowledged as CIPA endorsed Exchange

Since the beginning, YFDAI has pledged its full commitment to bringing trust, transparency, and security to DeFi and in pursuit of this, officially become a member of the Crypto Investor’s Protection Alliance (C.I.P.A).  By joining forces they hope to create a system that is fair and maintains an ideal balance of security and decentralization while eradicating the fraudulent projects in the space. 

Because SafeSwap offers the safest exchange platform for the DeFi space, it has been endorsed as the official cryptocurrency exchange of the CIPA alliance. With YFDAI’s Launchpad incubator and SafeSwap exchange, CIPA can construct an unmatched DeFi experience complete with insurance coverage, premium trading tools, and DeFi services. With added levels of security, transparency, and trust, YFDAI and CIPA will maximize the highest potential possible for the DeFi space.

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SafeSwap integration to Dextools to provide advanced user features

Dextools is a trading platform which works on top of your favourite decentralized exchanges providing access  to TradingView charts along with orderbooks, whale alerts, bot tracking, and much more. Including the ability to be the first to find newly listed projects on Dex’s, the Dextool score and info board to identify virtually any scam project before anyone else, and the ability to shift between pairs blazingly fast, all within a crisp and clean user interface.  Soon, the Dextools project will offerLimit orders for Dex’s, trading bots.  The integration of SafeSwap will provide all of the above services to SafeSwap users. This means users can shift through SafeSwap with Dextools and utilize the transaction history, bot/whale trackers, and buy and sell tools in real time to further optimize their positioning in the market.

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DuckDAO approved fundraiser for LaunchPad

SafeSwap acknowledged as DuckDAO endorsed Exchange

DuckDAO is a fundraising four-year veteran of the crypto space with over 400 projects under its belt including Geeq, Mantra DAO, and Bondly.

Both YFDAI and DuckDAO share the common goals of keeping DeFi decentralized and supporting legitimate DeFi projects that are looking to contribute to the cryptocurrency space. DuckDAO will delegate YFDAI’s SafeSwap as one of their Duck approved exchange partners for their in-house funded projects. Furthermore, DuckDAO’s fundraising arm will help assist promising YFDAI LaunchPad projects with funding, marketing exposure, and market-making services.  The YFDAI Launchpad and SafeSwap ecosystems are positioned to become industry-leading platforms that will lead the DeFi charge.

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The Foundry approved for LaunchPad incubation and advisory services

SafeSwap acknowledged as a Foundry endorsed Exchange

YFDAI will offer advisory services for their Launchpad Projects to The Foundry on a first refusal basis.  The Foundry has delegated YFDAI’s SafeSwap exchange as one of its preferred exchanges for its incubated projects. The cooperation agreement between YFDAI and The Foundry symbolizes the shared ethos of helping to build valuable DeFi protocols that aim to contribute value and innovation to the DeFi space. The Foundry/YFDAI partnership ensures that the LaunchPad projects requiring full incubation and ongoing advisory services are now in safe hands. Together, YFDAI and The Foundry will lead DeFi to a brighter and safer future.

After seeing the negative precedents being set in the DeFi space with reports of fraudulent projects ascending contemporaneously with the rise of DeFi’ s popularity, Olivia and her team saw the opportunity to develop a trusted and secure platform. That’ s exactly why in Q3 of 2020, YFDAI was created. Having been affected by illegitimate projects personally, Olivia knew the central focus of YFDAI should revolve around transparency and security. To achieve this, the YFDAI protocol and smart contracts first had to undergo a thorough inspection by an accredited auditing firm. In addition to this measure, the tokens belonging to the team would have to be locked with the address made public for all to verify. While these steps solidified YFDAI’ s commitment to security, the project couldn ’t stop there. The YFDAI team made it a point that the DeFi space had to embrace a “best practices approach” in order to truly flourish, that is why YFDAI’ s LaunchPad and SafeSwap exchange was created. The creation of the LaunchPad and SafeSwap exchange was designed to help scaffold the DeFi space as a whole, and to construct a truly trustless, transparent, and secure environment.


  • Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Iceland, Jamaica, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Iran, Afghanistan, Guinea - Bissau, Laos, Mozambique, Mali, Uganda, U.S.A, Tanzania, North Korea