About Us

YFDAI was formed in response to the demand for a safe and trusted DeFi Ecosystem

Our Mission

Our ‘user-first’ philosophy centers around transparency, security, and ease of use. We aim to democratize finance and serve as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products. On this foundation, YFDAI links traditional finance with decentralized networks to bring recognizable products such as lending, borrowing, saving, insurance and investment into a new era.

By removing barriers and adding layers of safety and security, YFDAI has built an intuitive user experience to allow anyone to participate in the new financial revolution.

Our Vision

Our vision embodies the philosophy behind blockchain and decentralized finance -- to provide trustless, transparent financial services to society at large. YFDAI is a financial gateway that empowers people to participate in the global financial system by providing untethered access to financial services in a safe and secure manner.

YFDAI is committed to establishing a proven and enduring ‘best practices’ model for the decentralized finance industry with a “user first” framework that provides all the necessary financial services that works for everyone in a transparent and economical way.

Our comprehensive, peer-to-peer platform will become a recognizable hub of financial solutions proving that there are no limits to how we can transact on a global scale.

YFDAI are actively cultivating a network of partners to greater benefit our mission and vision.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with YFDAI please review our Mission and Vision and if you believe our philosophies are aligned then please get in touch.

We're partnered with

YFDAI have built a team comprised of some of the best and brightest minds in blockchain, tech and traditional finance

YFDAI is dedicated to providing quality services with the highest level of security while leading by example. That is why we have had the YFDAI protocol and our smart contracts audited and approved by one of the leading independent auditors in the blockchain industry, Blockchain Consilium. YFDAI are one of the very few DeFi projects that store tokens in fully audited, time locked smart contracts to eliminate all possible smart contract exploits.

Meet the YFDAI Team

Tapas Paul (Rocky)
Lead Developer - Volunteer
Pritha Paul (Olivia)
Chief Administrative Officer - Volunteer
Simon Bogdanowicz
Chief Operating Officer - Volunteer
Ankit Runthala (Thore)
Business Development (Technical) - Volunteer
Tim Vanhaeren
UX Designer - Volunteer
Murai Ryo
Full Stack Developer - Volunteer
Hargobind Gupta
Lead Solidity Developer - Volunteer
Deep Yadav
Lead Backend Developer - Volunteer
John Burmeister
LaunchPad Success Manager - Volunteer
Evan Smith
Partnerships and Exchange Manager - Volunteer
Jeetesh Gajjar
Technology Project Manager - Volunteer
Happy GI
Business Analyst - Volunteer
Paolo Petrolini
Product Manager - Volunteer
Abhishek Mehta
Head Technical Lead - Volunteer
Davin Broadbent
Marketing Advisor - Volunteer
Richard V
Legal Advisor / LaunchPad Manager - Volunteer
John L
Strategy Advisor - Volunteer
Carlos Melgar
NFT Advisor - Volunteer
Conor Davis
Governance Advisor - Volunteer
Marketing Advisor - Volunteer


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