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Farming is a decentralised activity which supports liquidity in traded markets.

  • Earn a share of market trading fees proportional to your liquidity contribution
  • Receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens (receipt for your deposit used to claim back LP)
  • Earn additional rewards by staking LP tokens in the YFDAI farming pools
  • Earn the SafeSwap Governance Token (SSGT) by farming on SafeSwap.(coming soon)
  • Farm the SSGT LP tokens in farming vaults (coming soon)
  • Earn NFT’s which will provide profit share in YF-DAI from platform fees (coming soon)
  • Get access to allocations of new project tokens on YFDAI’s LaunchPad
  • Get enhanced allocations with the time based multipliers for long term farming
  • Deposit equal amounts of YF-DAI and ETH in Uniswap pool or SafeSwap pool
    • Go to the pool page on Uniswap or the pool page on SafeSwap
    • Click “create” the pair you wish to farm such as “YF-DAI/ETH”
    • Click the “supply” button to deposit to the farming pool
    • Execute the confirmation transaction
    • Once you have your LP tokens go to the farming vault page on YFDAI platform
    • Deposit LP tokens to farming vaults which include a 72 hour, 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day lockup vault
    • You can also farm the single DAI tokens or wETH tokens directly
    • The APY you receive is depicted on the farming page for DAI and ETH
    • the current APY of the farming vaults can be seen on Coingecko at this link.
      • Deposit equal amounts of YF-DAI and ETH in Uniswap pool or SafeSwap pool
      • Your wallet balance (in LP tokens) is shown on the page
      • The YF-DAI balance is shown on the page
      • The deposited balance (in LP tokens) with no deposit fee is shown
      • The total pool and total earned and pending claimable tokens is shown
      • If you withdraw your LP tokens it is subject to a .5% withdrawal fee
      • You also will earn (with multipliers applied) a share of the platform fees on a quarterly basis by participating in the farming pools.
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