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YFDAI’s market-leading vehicle for bringing new token offerings to market is where you can participate in primary token offerings based on your staking or farming balance and staking or farming tenure. YFDAI LaunchPad provides:

  • Expert vetting of early-stage blockchain projects
  • Mandatory smart contract audits by Blockchain Consilium or another top-tier third party auditor
  • Know Your Customer (“KYC”) of the project team
  • Strict and safe liquidity requirements
  • Pre-sale token lock for accepted projects

As a YF-DAI stakeholder participant in our token launches, you can rest easy regarding the risk of being scammed by illegitimate projects. The LaunchPad dApp itself, and the methodology we have deployed, make purchasing new project tokens a relaxed, de-risked and enjoyable experience:

  • Guaranteed allocations for those who stake or farm YF-DAI tokens for at least 30 days
  • No ETH gas wars or lotteries for pre-sale token allocations
  • 24 hours to claim your token allocation of projects raising through LaunchPad
  • Multipliers increase the allocations based on length of time staking or farming YF-DAI
  • Complete an expression of interest form to register your wallet(s) on a pre-sale whitelist.
  • Once the sale opens, follow a link to our LaunchPad dApp to secure your allocation:
    • Review your personal allocation amount in the token that is being launched.
    • Select “MAX,” or some lesser amount.
    • Execute an approval in your Web 3 wallet (like MetaMask)
    • Execute the confirmation transaction
    • Once completed, you will see a pop up window showing the transaction has succeeded and a confirmation email
  • Claim your tokens with the provided link in the dApp upon TGE or the start of the vesting schedule thereafter.
  • Vesting schedules are used to prevent token dumping and ensure a smooth transition from the LaunchPad to listing on both SafeSwap and Uniswap, as well as other decentralized and centralized exchanges thereafter.
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