How to use our tools


SafeTrade is a low-frequency algorithmic trading vehicle you have access to on the StackedInvest website:

  • Stake varying amounts of YF-DAI for 60 days in the SafeTrade staking vault
  • Only an initial 72 hour lockup applies
  • There is a 1.5% deposit fee and a .5 % withdrawal fee
  • After 60 days receive one of 4 NFT’s based on how much you staked
  • Get 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% discount on the monthly Bot fee based on which NFT you earned
  • SafeTrade Stakers also get: Review your personal allocation amount in the token that is being launched.
    • The same rewards and multipliers as regular stakers in the YFDAI staking vault
    • 6% per month as discussed in depth in the medium article on this product
    • Once the allocated YF-DAI tokens dedicated to the SafeTrade vault run out, the rewards will be paid in LaunchPad tokens.

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