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Staking allows you to be rewarded for holding the YF-DAI token. You can buy and hold YF-DAI on various exchanges, or store them in wallets, but if you’re holding for the longer term, you may choose to earn rewards staking YF-DAI:

  • Earn 6% per month or 72% per year for staking YF-DAI on our staking dApp
  • Long term stakers also get multiplier bonuses
  • Multipliers apply to profit share funds which are distributed quarterly
  • Multipliers increase your individual allocation of various LaunchPad projects.
  • Staking rewards are shown in real time and can be claimed at any time.
  • The only lockup is an initial 72 hours upon deposit to the staking pool.
  • There is a 1.5% deposit fee and a .5% withdrawal fee to and from the staking pool.
  • The fees are initially used for the quarterly burn of YF-DAI tokens down to 13,950 and will be re-purposed by governance
  • The display page populates when you connect your wallet and shows:
    • Your pending rewards
    • Your wallet balance
    • Your staked balance
    • Total earned
    • The option to claim your rewards, which does not reset your timer for the multipliers.
    • The option to unstake, which will reset your multiplier timer
    • There is no auto-compounding feature
    • The ability to restake those rewards manually.
    • There is also an auto claim feature in the smart contract that kicks in if you stake more YF-DAI tokens. So upon staking newly acquired tokens from other sources the claimable tokens will go into your wallet balance.
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